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Island Suites

Heron / Hummingbird Suites

The house on El Recedo has two suites, Heron and Hummingbird.  Each large suite contains two beds with two sets of sliding doors that create a partition between the beds, with a corridor in-between, to divide the suite into two private bedrooms.


  • 1 king bed and 1 queen bed 

  • 2 balconies on either side of property

  • one bathroom

  • wi-fi internet

  • ceiling fans

  • included breakfast

US$240 +tax per night each suite. 

(max 4 persons per suite)


Isleta El Recedo - Entire Island!
Have the entire island just to yourselves by renting the both suites - Herron and Hummingbird.  When renting the entire island you may also have access to the kitchen to prepare some family meals yourselves if that's your preference.

Food Service

El Recedo will provide an island care-taker and cook for the duration of your stay. You will not be alone on the island!

Our breakfast menu is included in your suite rate. Lunch and dinner items are listed with prices. Make your dinner selections earlier in the day and we will serve dinner at the time you choose. 


Help yourself to beverages from the fridge and record what you consume for payment at checkout.  Our staff are available to serve you with smoothies and other menu items.

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