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About The Island

El Recedo is a family-owned private island situated among the Islets of Granada, Nicaragua. It is offered for vacation rental and has two spacious suites -- each with a maximum occupancy of 4 persons. The suites are offered separately and the island can be obtained exclusively when renting both suites simultaneously.  The island is managed by Hotel La Polvora in Granada. The perfect experience of both city and island life can be achieved by combining stays at both Hotel La Polvora and Isleta El Recedo.

El Recedo is located 15 minutes by boat from Marina Cocibolca. Your stay on El Recedo includes your round-trip boat ride to and from the island.

The eco-resort is solar powered and has state-of-the-art water filtration and storage systems. A natural gas back-up generator is also available. Rooms are fully screened for insect protection and beds have mosquito nets should you feel the need to use them.

Our small staff is on hand to assist you and provide meals. Our focus is your comfort and to provide a setting of quiet relaxation and privacy.  Families with children are encouraged to rent the entire island (both suites).


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